The New Wave Production Company was created on 29 September 2011 by Aleksandr Levenchuk. 

We form crews from the number of professionals with years of experience in the movie for all cinematic specialties: director, director of photography, sound, makeup artist, costume designer, second director, casting director, assistant director, assistant props, actors, etc.

Our company has a powerful administrative resource with extensive experience with foreign partners as well as with government agencies of the Republic of Belarus: cities administrations, urban areas, with the objects of various kinds (we have ability to take a permissions to shoot in museums, concert halls, in the residential sector, on the streets, avenues, main squares of the city, etc.).

We have duplex production facilities (costume rooms, property rooms, dressing rooms, workshops for directors), pavilions which are 7 km from the city, one-time leas large pavilion of 2000 m/ sq. Recording studio and color correction is in building progress.

We provide production and post-production services full-length feature films, documentaries, television series, TV shows, corporate films and presentations, videos, commercials. We provide a rent of shooting equipment, auxiliary camera equipment, audio equipment, sound recording on the jobsite and of the vehicle (including special) equipment, power generators, etc. We do provide the full cycle of works during production period as well.

We engage in projects of our partners - specialists with international experience in computer design for television and films, visual effects for movie and television, 2D and 3D animation, computer graphics.

We also have a pyrotechnic portion with highly skilled professionals trained abroad.

To make a film in Belarus profitable. Since 2012, Belarus has entered into a new phase of approach and financing a film making industry that contributes to the development of the national film industry, and outputs it to a new level.

In 2013, The New Wave Production Film Company joined the list of winners of the open Republican contest of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus with the game film project "Babu" and animated film with elements of the game for children and youth audiences "The Extraordinary Adventures of Arbuzik and Bebeshka".

Production of full-length feature film "Babu" is already finished, premiere of the film took place in Minsk in November 2013, in Baku - January 2014.

In June 2013 put into production film "The Extraordinary Adventures of Arbuzik and Bebeshka" (directed by Denis Skvortsov). In the production of the film used mixed technologies: 3D and 2D animation with elements of the game scenes.

Has been finished a work on the documentary "Honor – to no one!" (Featuring Vasiliy Lanovoi) commissioned by Broadcasting VoenTV.
At launch, the new documentary series about the events of The World War One by the order of The Second National TV Channel Belarus (ONT).

The next project of our company will be a TV Show "La Boheme", by the scenario of a young and talented artist from St. Petersburg Anastasia Tamil.

We are OPEN and WILLING to cooperate with well-respected people and companies in the field of cinematography.

Sincerely yours

The NEW WAVE Production Film Company